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Drafting a Fantasy Team

Posted on September 4, 2014

Earlier today, SBNation.com's Jon Bois challenged his Twitter followers to write 1000 words about their fantasy football team. He found a winner before I could finish my entry. Rather than let my horrendous prose go to waste, I'm going to dump it here on this derelict blog boat for the world to see.

Does this count as blogging again? Maaaaaaaybe.


With my first pick, I wanted to get somebody who would provide a solid foundation of numbers. Of course you want to take the best available, but considering I was picking so late in the draft order, all of my Tier-1 guys would be taken before my pick. I felt very confident that I could nab two solid Tier-2 picks, so I opted the first Tier-2 pick to be the most possible consistent character I could get.

When my team was up to pick, I chose Aragorn, aka Strider as he's known in the north. He puts up damage per turn numbers that are less than a Legolas or Conan the Barbarian, he buffs his allies with his Leadership skills and has incredible Ranger skills for pathfinding and healing, which will come in handy for those non-combat encounters in the schedule. I was also afraid that I'd get stuck with a lesser member of the LOTR lore if I waited too long to draft. You don't want your required "Tolkien Back" position to be weak!

When the 2nd round snaked back to me, I had several more of my Tier-2 guys available. Even though King Arthur was available, I felt like I didn't need two leaders on my squad. I could have gotten a true front-line defender who could protect my wide-outs and pad my damage-taken stats. Instead, I opted to be risky and take the best available pure striker: Usagi Yojimbo. This prompted a run on samurai & ninjas through rounds 2 and 3, including a near fistfight over Snake Eyes.

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An Apology To My Court Unrushed

Posted on May 21, 2012

Before the 2011-12 NCAA Basketball started, I had a coffee and a few giggles with Randy McClure, RushTheCourt.net's bossman and a spectacular guy. I reaffirmed my commitment to helping his site by covering the SEC regardless of my ongoing personal issues at the time. By December 2011 -- after producing a column that I consider one of my finest works as a writer -- my issues overwhelmed me in ways that I didn't want to admit to myself or to others.

Instead of being honest with Randy, I over-promised and under-delivered or didn't deliver at all. My actions put an unfair burden on Randy and the other writers at RTC. Especially unfairly burdened was Co-SEC Microsite blogger Brian Joyce who essentially ran the site himself during the whole conference season.

That's the kind of bullshit you might expect from a stupid fresh-out-of-college kid or high-school-aged recruiting wonk. I'm too old and supposedly too mature for either of those categories. Professional writers deal with personal issues like any other working professional would: Open and honestly. Randy, Brian and RTC deserved to be treated professionally. I didn't do that, and I am truly ashamed of my past actions.

Randy, Brian and other RTC folks have been publicly gracious with me via Twitter. Consumate professionals as always. I appreciate their kindess towards me and will be eternally grateful for suffering through my season of incompleteness.

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New Career Highlight: A Shoutout from Andy Katz

Posted on December 10, 2011

I don't mean to nitpick, but I pronounce it GI-mel (like Real Gimel), not GIM-mel. I'll take it either way. Thanks, Andy.

Andy was referring to my live-tweeting of the post-game press conference of the 2011 Crosstown Shootout. It was quite memorable since everybody there let their passions overwhelm them.

Bonus thanks to @bubbaprog for the videocap. He does great work for Deadspin and Mocksession.

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