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A Good Read About IU Coach Tom Crean

Posted on January 24, 2011

A book mentioning author Tom Crean, who actually created a successful legacy for himself.

Evan Hibert -- a man who's heart is clear of Crimson and Cream -- posts a biting analysis of Coach Tom Crean's underwhelming tenure at Indiana University. One thing that Evan didn't mention: Despite the embarrassing losses this season, Indiana fans have no real desire to replace Crean. Partly because Crean has shown some (admittedly very-far-off) recruiting prowess in winning the state of Indiana for IU.

And Cody Zeller. #iulol

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  1. The Indianapolis media still seems to support Crean, but the callers into the radio shows are starting to get impatient. I’d say he has 2-3 more years no matter what happens. After that, people will start gathering the pitchforks if IU is not breaking into the top 25 rankings or at least improving its record every year.

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