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Seth Davis Explains Tonight’s Duke Victory over UNC

Posted on February 9, 2011

No, it wasn't that Nolan Smith and Seth Curry outplayed the UNC guards. It wasn't Kyle Singler holding Harrison Barnes in check. It definitely wasn't the Duke forwards scrapping for rebounds and getting a ton of offensive rebounds in the second half. No, no no. This scrappy widdle nationally-ranked Duke team had to out-HEART the Tar Heels!

Below is a quick, fake video summary of Duke's victory tonight.

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  1. It def. did not have anything to do with a momentum swinging, barrage of 3′s from Curry or Nolan Smiths’ 34 points. It also had nothing to do with UNCs’ getting hammered in the lane for boards in the last few minutes. All I saw was heart, blue, smarter than any of us will ever be, heart, and heart is what wins championships. It’s why Ryan Kelly is great despite lackluster stats, little talent generally getting abused by opposing big men, and a poop tooth, heart.

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