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SEC Smash Bros. Tourney: Games #3 & #4 Preview

Posted on March 10, 2011

The Thursday evening session features two SEC East teams with something to prove. Vandy dropped their chance at a #2 seed in the SEC Tourney with a dumb loss to Tennessee at home. The Vols, riding an insane strength-of-schedule rating and victory over Pittsburgh that is more amazing now than it was then, should want to fight their way towards victory and respect. Luckily for both teams, they get to start their SEC Tournament campaigns with SEC West teams. Yay!

If you can't watch on a local SEC Network partner (PDF), perhaps you can watch via ESPN3. After each game is complete, I'll have a Quick, Fake Summary of the game posted here on HTA.com. Enjoy the games!

E5 Tennessee vs. E4 Arkansas

Previous Meeting(s)

Arkansas forwards Delvon Johnson and Marshawn Powell scored a combined 31 points on Tennessee's interior defense, leading the Razorbacks to a 68-65 win.

About Tennessee

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character That Best Describes The Team: Wario. Seemingly can recover from hits that would knock other teams out. Much better in approach/transition game than advertised. Solid defensively and has a knack for collecting offensive rebounds and steals. When used correctly, can be a very dangerous team to play, but is pretty-much worthless when a coach is just button-mashing (or distracted).

Stupidest Thing That Happened To Them This Season: Lies, damn lies, and crucifixin'.

How They'll Win This Game: HEARTDETERMINATIONPASSIONHEART. Bruce Pearl is at his best when he can make his team believe that it is them against the world. Tobias Harris and Cameron Tatum will need to pour in the points to help free Scotty Hopson from any double or triple-teams. If Brian Williams is healthy again, his rebounding and interior defense will be crucial in limiting Arkansas' scoring.

About Arkansas

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character That Best Describes The Team: Link. Pretty decent attacks from long-range and can bash you pretty good on the inside. Defensively limited and has difficulty recovering when hit hard.

Stupidest Thing That Happened To Them This Season: The pressure on Head Coach John Pelphrey was an unwelcome distraction that you'd think wouldn't get worse. Wellt it got worse.

How They'll Win This Game: Rotnei Clark goes bezerk within the confines of the Arkansas offensive set. If the Razorbacks can be mostly patient and get good looks from Tennessee's often over-extending defense, they should be able to put up enough points to make a close game.

Tennessee-Arkansas Prediction

Tennessee by 5. Arkansas makes a run in the second half to overcome a big deficit but can't score enough to win. Bruce Pearl spends the press conference reminding everybody what he means to Tennessee Basketball while Pat Summit can be heard rolling her eyes from Knoxville.

W6 LSU vs. E3 Vanderbilt

Previous Meeting(s)

Vanderbilt let LSU score 41 points in the first half. But the Commodores limited the Tigers to 25% FG in the second half and just 3 points in the final 4:50 minutes. Vandy cruised to a 90-69 win.

About LSU

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character That Best Describes The Team: Jigglypuff. Pretty much not dangerous unless you fall asleep. Even if you do fall asleep, LSU can't knock you off the stage without some assistance.

Stupidest Thing That Happened To Them This Season: Coach Trent Johnson's recruiting. LSU's freshmen are talented but not talented enough to be thrust into leading their team to victory this season. Coach Johnson apologized to the fans and will probably be happy to see this season over.

How They'll Win This Game: A bullshit shooting percentage of which we've never seen before. And incredible rebounding. LSU has to limit Vandy's offensive rebounds to have any shot at an upset.

About Vanderbilt

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character That Best Describes The Team: Snake. Can punish opponents from near, from far away or from the free-throw line. Can rush or contain opponents. Not the greatest defense but does enough to slow the other team down. Powerful and deadly when focused.

Stupidest Thing That Happened To Them This Season: Mr. C, the Vandy mascot, is a bit of a dick.

How They'll Win This Game: By wanting to win the game.

LSU-Vanderbilt Prediction

Vandy by 15. Trent Johnson tries to sneak out of the arena inside a cardboard box. When he is discovered, a red exclamation mark appears over his head.

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