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Why Your NCAA Team Lost: Final Four

Posted on April 2, 2011

Two games, two losers. You could read detailed post-game reviews at other news sites, but they won't embed Rick Ross videos. These quick, fake reasons are why each team lost their NCAA Tournament Final Four game.

  • VCU -- Howard and Vanzant in Houston! Shelvin, when the Shaka fell!

    There's a significant chance that Butler Head Coach Brad Stevens is an android. While I don't think he's Data (or Lore, or Lal), he and his team are efficient like the Borg.
  • Kentucky -- Connecticut held Brandon Knight scoreless for the first 11:58, and really kept pressuring him through the game. Kentucky forward Terrence Jones played a monster game but missed all 5 of his free-throw attempts. Kentucky's upper-classmen were limited to 5-23 FG and played like freshmen.

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