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Sports are the Best Internships For Beef Carvers

Posted on July 28, 2011

Kristi Dosh's column about how sports are the best internships is her latest attempt to curry favor with NCAA athletic departments across the nation. While I'm cross-checking some of her assertions, I wanted to highlight a paragraph that gave me quite the chuckle:

A friend who works in college athletics recently told me about a trip he took to visit a Division I football practice. He described the lavish breakfast buffet set up for the players (which included a carving station – we’re not talking about the powdered eggs and dry cereal you get at the local hotel breakfast buffet), the indoor practice facility to protect players from the heat, the world-class weightlifting equipment and the smoothie bar where athletes could get some refreshment between workouts. Tough life, huh? And this wasn’t even at what I would consider a top Division I football program. This athletic department isn’t even on the self-sustaining list.

(The link above appeared in her original text.)

Where she uses this as an argument that football players are pampered, I see this as an argument that this particular athletic department really is taking advantage of its situation. All Division I athletic departments SHOULD BE self-sustainable, especially if it providing these kind of benefits in an attempt to lure football recruits to campus. Taking away a year's worth of football-player pampering may not balance a huge budget deficit. But it would help cover travel costs for another athletic program or two.

When I start hearing about how these poor athletic departments just can't break even, I'm going to start asking which ones can provide me with a steak quiche.

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  1. I’m confused, what does this have to do with the awesomeness of Tom Jurich and the UL athletic department?

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