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About Fake Gimel

This is not me. This is the Real Gimel Martinez. Picture scanned from The Cats' Pause 1990-91 Kentucky Basketball Yearbook

I'm not the real Gimel Martinez.

Unlike most usernames with the Fake prefix -- especially those popping up everywhere on Twitter -- I am not attempting to parody or misrepresent the real Gimel. I chose this pseudonym out of honor for him. (Yes, I am a fan of the University of Kentucky athletic teams.)

I've been in contact with Real Gimel a few times. Previously I was writing with the pseudonym "GimelMartinez" with the mistaken understanding that my readers would clearly tell I was not the actual Gimel Martinez. When the blog I was writing at received some regional attention, I received email addressed "To the fake Gimel". Uh oh.

Real Gimel and I quickly straightened out his issues over misrepresentation. I asked Real Gimel if it would be alright if I called myself "The Fake Gimel Martinez". He concurred and I've been a fake ever since.

In real life I'm a Kentuckian nerd with two elementary-aged nerdy children, about sixty extra pounds and a Chessex Megamap. I don't blog about them often but when I blog about my boys, I refer to the oldest as Fake Obi-Wan and the youngest as Fake Anakin.

Previously I have written for:

  • firetubby.com -- A parody site that made fun of those who thought former UK coach Tubby Smith needed to leave.
  • firebilly.com -- Same kind of site for former UK Coach Billy Gillispie. The owner of this and the firetubby site has let the domains expire.
  • aseaofblue.com (TFGM archive) -- Tru gave me my first big break. I wrote novellas.
  • kentuckysportsradio.com (TFGM Archive) --Eighteen months of Big Blue Asshattery while the site was going huge. One of the most exciting times in my life. In February 2011, I returned to KSR for a few months of sporadic posting.

For the 2011-12 college basketball season, I will be covering the SEC for RushTheCourt.net. Except I won't be using the Fake Gimel pseudonym. You'll see!

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