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The Courtship of Jay Bilas’ Twitter Account

Posted on February 25, 2011

You need Raferty's onions badly

In case you haven't noticed, ESPN College Basketball Analysis Jay Bilas has been just killing Twitter with his short-style takedowns of NCAA nonsense and Bill Raferty parables. Sports journalists and college basketball fans alike are all in a titter, trying to draw attention to themselves to become Jay's first followed account on Twitter. (As of the time of this post, Jay follows no one.)

He is no gentleman, but we are not ladies. Don't think he'll hold that against us; ladies have never held any appeal for him.

Of course Jay will probably NOT use Twitter as an input device. But you'd think that he's getting a kick out of all of us attention whores damsels swooning over being his first. With that in mind I project the odds of Bilasgasm: Jay's First Follow:

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