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At the NCAA, the Judges Wear Masks?

Posted on January 24, 2011

NCAA President Mark Emmert would have defended the NCAA's ruling against Enes Kanter even if Kanter was a U-Dub. Yup. Say, who wants a flower-burger?

You'd expect rampant homerism regarding the NCAA's Committee of Infractions from a USC Trojan blog (H/T: ByLawBlog). But the post raises awareness to which schools have representation on the COI might imply an unfair bias against USC. Just from a common-sense standpoint NO member of Notre Dame should rule against USC.

In all the lamenting over Enes Kanter's ineligibility, I'm surprised that members of the NCAA Eligibility Center staff and NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee have not been publicly scrutinized by Kentucky fans. You'd figure that U-Dub's President defending the Kanter decision raised enough alarm bells already.

Not that I necessarily disagree with the ruling: It seems to fit within the confines of the NCAA's ByLaws that attempt to keep direct professional team contact illegal with student-athletes while excusing contact for professional sponsorships and/or professional representation. But I do wonder who sits on those committees. More importantly, I wonder why the question of possible bias against Kentucky/Kanter was not brought up several weeks ago.

(Yeah, I don't have time currently to look up committee members. That's a full post in the future. This is just a quick post to start the discussion.)

Update: This forum post at kentuckysportsnetwork.com (H/T: @Calipartytime) lists the current membership of the NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee with interesting comments from the forum community. Now why didn't Jerry Tipton write this on his blog? (Don't answer that, Wildcats fans.)

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